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Hot Topics shows the Facebook native content and the effective visuals.

by Wilbur

This is a series of articles on the use of social data to gain consumer insight through data-centric market research.

Good businesses make spending decisions based on data and marketing research can be divided into discovery, mapping, and managing. We have helped many advertising and marketing agencies conduct rapid market research based on data to improve their success rate when approaching a new client or selling a new campaign.

For the first step, I will share how QSearch helped an agency establish its strategy for its clients when proposing the marketing of a skin-whitening agent for the Philippines market.

I am using the QSearch Trend to conduct the initial mapping. After entering the key phrase, date range, and country, we get an overview of the media scape. This visualization of all publically available posts in the Philippines for the last year with a post that contains skin whitening. (We can further refine the search by excluding or only searching media channel fan pages such as TV or radio.) This gives us over 3,815 posts.

This shows the marketer for skin-whitening generates roughly 10 posts a day, which, while consistent, lacks clear thought leaders and the readership engagement is sporadic. This initial setting shows the space has the potential to be led by a few content creators and is not dominated by any stakeholder in a way that would be difficult to dislodge. (3 minutes into the research.)

Post Count visualizes the frequency and quantity of content

Share Count visualizes the natural reach of content.content.

When we look at the Timeline, and visualization of both the time and the readership reaction, we see there are many entities trying to use social media to promote skin-whitening, but very few are successful. They post consistently, but the reader’s reactions are consistently stable and don’t have a break-out effect. The only exception is Gigi De Lana, an influencer whose one post over-influencers over all companies’ entire year of marketing. This also shows the potential of influencers and the impotency of most firms’ own marketing. (Minute 8 into the research)

Timeline allows a detailed mapping of influence over time and helps identify superstars and stakeholders

Influencer Ranking quickly identify the relative influence

When we look at the content summary, we first see HotLink. Hot Link is internet content posted on Facebook and is then engaged by readers. The majority of the re-posted internet content is low engagement and very negative about skin whitening. Contrasting this with Hot Posts, which are Facebook native content, the Hot Posts are all positive about skin-whitening with engagement in multiple of the internet and traditional media. This suggests a distribution strategy on Facebook and Instagram, either through influencers or ads, but not through traditional media. (Minutes 10 into the research.)

Hotlink shows internet content posted into Facebook and usually differs from Facebook native 

Hot Topics shows the Facebook native content and the effective visuals.

We now move down to WordCloud, which summarizes all posts by a specific aspect of the content. For whitening, we see specific attributes that highlight acne, pores, melasma, freckles, spots, and wrinkles. This descending list of keywords also indicates the interest of the readership. The interpretation is that skin-whitening users are concerned about acne and pores, rather than age-related. This would mean a successful product would stress its effect on these outcomes. (Minutes 12 into the research.)

WordCloud summarizes and surfaces essential subtopics that are associated with the main topic to help research attributes and their relative importance.

With this lead, we now move unto mapping out the influencers (for distribution path) and the specific content-related topics that get the most engagement. What we are looking for is influencers with stable and regular discussion (an expert) or the topic is simply a topic that is filled with superstars but not stakeholders (which changes the campaign and the pricing)

So a good backbone for a report and all done within the comfort of your seat, in less than 15 minutes.

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